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Thread: Update Max Starks

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    Update Max Starks

    Colbert said that the team is still monitoring the status of Max Starks, who is rehabbing a torn ACL, as a potential addition to provide depth or an option for Adams this season. Starks isnít expected to be cleared for a return to the field until closer to camp so thereís probably not going to be any movement on that front any time soon.
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    With so many young players looking to make a name for themselves, being able to keep Starks around is a huge benefit to have. Nobody is going to sign him until closer to camp, if at all.

    Now that colon is a guard, having a veteran backup tackle available is a nice luxury.

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    Yea i hope we can keep Max for insurances purpose only, i really think Adams is going to take hold of that LT position and prove alot of experts wrong! i can't wait till the season starts

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    Starks doesnt have much time left in the league, even if he was healthy. He's had those issues with his neck 2 years ago, now this ACL, and some ankle problems previously.

    I wouldn't think he'll get much attention anywhere but in Pittsburgh.

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    If the price is right, if not lets look to the future. We new lineman need the playing time.


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    would love to bring him in, even if hes at 80% hes a better option than scott or essex at backup either tackle...he can continue to rehab throughout the year and im sure would see some spot duty playing time, and TE even on goal line and short yardage plays to move some people

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