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Thread: Staal rejects 10 yr extension with Pens

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post
    As much as I liked Jordan, this doesn't suck. Sutter will be fine. They freed enough cap and can make a serious push to sign Parise. If they do we will forget all about Jordan.

    Please find a way to dump Martin and his wasted $$
    Agreed. Jordan would never be the #2 guy here. He would always be at very least behind Crosby and Malkin. He also didn't want a massive 10 year deal because at some point he wants to play with his brother Eric. A 10 year deal would basically make that impossible. Pens made a smart deal. Like Larry said this frees up room to go after Suter and/or Parise. Now its time to move Martin.

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    I guess it isn't always about money. Wish you the best JS.

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