I was watching NFL Network last night and they were talking about the Chargers and their current playoff drought. Philip Rivers has had his ups and downs in San Diego but the dude is a competitor and seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a good attitude about where he is and what he's capable of. He's taking his share of lumps as a starter and has shown a toughness and desire to compete. Although at times he loses focus and gets flustered more than you'd probably like but his talent is as good as anyone in the league when he's on his game.

Roethlisberger has won 2 super bowls and been to 3 total.
Manning has won 2 super bowls.
Rivers has a big ole zero in the championship department.

I wonder though, had the Steelers drafted Rivers if he'd have been able to lead the team to a any championships the way Ben has, and for that matter how would he have performed vs what Ben and Eli did in their super bowls?