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Thread: vote: best defense- Ravens or Steelers

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    the STEELERS forever and always!!the ratbirds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtadroptop View Post
    We'll see if Ray Ray has been coattailing it the past few years or if he really elevates players around him.
    Great point GTA.....Ray Ray is a shell of his former self and he will be exposed without Suggs!
    The Tradition Continues!!!

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    Ray Ray may have to resort to carrying that knife onto the field this year to be effective without Suggs........seriously though the last few years thise guys up front have clogged up blockers allowing Lewis to roam the middle untouched....hell even an average linebacker can thrive in that environment.
    I think we are going to see a drop off in that D without Suggs on the field.
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    Lewis is going to try to elevate his play but whether or not he can is a different story. It doesn't matter if he ended up at the end of the year with zero tackles, he would still be a god to those fans. Lewis plays in the middle, the easiest way to beat him is to run right at him.

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