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Thread: AFC North: Who's got the best running backs?

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    Really? Does Johnny U fall out of your list of top 10 QBs because he did not play against Ds as "stout and fast?" What about the pipsqueak and slow (by today's standards) Jack Lambert? Better yet, are you stating that the Ravens 2000 defense was better than the 70's Steelers D because the Ravens D must have been "stouter" and "faster?" Is Revis automatically better than Blount? Romo better than Bradshaw?

    There is nothing wrong with holding your position but it has to be consistent when applied to the Steelers as well, not just against teams we hate and arrogant jerks like Jim Brown. On the field he was a BEAST, probably the best to play the position. Again, 12,000+ yards in 9 12-14 game seasons is difficult to argue against. If those were 16 game seasons, it is like adding almost another two seasons to his stats. That would put him at about 14,000-15000 yards. In his final season of 1965, he ran for more than 1500 yards in 14 games. Another three seasons and he easily would have had more than Emmitt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChucktownSteeler View Post
    I couldn't find it on You Tube. It would be nice if someone could post it.
    I didn't know if You Tube had it or not and was guessing they might.

    Harris Beats Brown at 40 Yards, Wins 2-Day Competition
    January 19, 1985

    ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. AP — Former Pittsburgh Steeler running back Franco Harris defeated former Cleveland Brown running back Jim Brown in the 40-yard dash Friday to win a two-day competition.

    The televised contest, called "I Challenge You," evolved from Brown saying on national television last year that he could beat Harris in the dash.

    Harris, 34, was clocked in 5.16 seconds. Hampered by a hamstring injury, Brown, 48, finished in 5.72 seconds. Although each participant won two of four events, Harris won the overall title because he took the dash.

    "Franco beat me fair and square," said Brown, who grabbed his left hamstring during the dash. "I don't have any excuses."

    About 1,500 high-rollers were invited to watch the dash and the one-on-one touchdown pass-catching competition Friday night at a casino hotel, which installed a makeshift playing field with artificial turf.

    The event was televised in New York and Los Angeles Friday night, and will be broadcast on 139 other stations today or Sunday.

    Harris won the touchdown competition with an eight-yard advantage. New York Giant quarterback Phil Simms threw the passes.

    Brown won the first two events of the competition Thursday, defeating Harris in racquetball, 11-4 and 11-8, and then winning at basketball by rallying from a 20-14 deficit to win the final game in the best two-of-three event, 22-20.

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