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Thread: Build A Team

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    Build A Team

    3 hours on the clock time ... if your pick gets skipped just make your pick whenever the next time you get on...

    either post the pick yourself or PM me your pick, doesn't matter to me... if you post the pick yourself just edit my second post with the player you picked so the list stays updated...

    the clock time starts at 8AM and will cut off at 10PM ... picks can still be made before and after them times, but we can't skip anybody for their 3 hour time limit in them periods

    trades are allowed

    make sure to update your depth chart after each pick in the depth chart page

    also try to send me a board of 5 or so players if your pick is coming up to make this go faster...

    here is lists to Madden ratings from 2012... but we'll be using 2013 so some players might be a little different

    ~~~~~~1st round~~~~~~~~~
    1st pick.... Cardinals- Cricker24 - Mathew Stafford
    2nd pick.... Lions- cmerrifield -Adrian Peterson
    6th pick.... Seahawks- Jpele - Philip Rivers
    7th pick....Pats- BlitzBurghRockCity - Greg Jennings
    8th pick.... Saints- Mike Tomlin - Rob Gronkowski
    9th pick.... Bengals- Black@GoldForever32 - Mike Wallace
    10th pick.... Panthers- Cbrunn - Haloti Ngata
    11th pick.... Steelers- Zachintosh66 - Troy Polamalu
    15th pick.... Baltimore- gtadroptop - Matt Ryan
    16th pick.... Bucs- Dan55Moore - Peyton Manning
    17th pick.... Browns- TheLakelander - Andy Dalton
    18th pick.... Chargers- Mos07 - Tony Romo
    19th pick....Packers- tat2 - Andre Johnson

    ~~~~~2nd round~~~~~~
    1st pick... Packers - Tat2 - Vernon Davis
    2nd pick... Chargers - Mos07 - Darren McFadden
    3rd pick... Browns - Thelakelander - D'qwell Jackscon
    4th pick... Bucs - Dan55moore - Jon Beason
    5thpick ... Ravens - gtadroptop - Matt Forte
    9th pick... Steelers - Zachintosh66 - Michael Turner
    10th pick... Panthers - Cbrunn - Darrelle Revis
    11th pick... Bengals - Black@goldforever32 - Brandon Marshall
    12th pick... Saints - Mike Tomlin - Deshawn Jackson
    13th pick... Pats - BlitzBurghRockCity - Jamaal Charles
    14th pick... Seahawks - Jpele - Ndamukong Suh
    18th pick... Lions - Cmerrifield - Matt Schaub
    19th pick... Cardinals - Cricker24 - Jimmy Graham

    ~~~~3rd Round~~~~~~~
    1st pick.... Cardinals- Cricker24 - Maurice Jones Drew
    2nd pick.... Lions- cmerrifield - Julio Jones
    6th pick.... Seahawks- Jpele - Antonio Brown
    7th pick....Pats- BlitzBurghRockCity - Dwayne Bowe
    8th pick.... Saints- Mike Tomlin - Aldon Smith
    9th pick.... Bengals- Black@GoldForever32 - Joe Thomas
    10th pick.... Panthers- Cbrunn - Patrick Willis
    11th pick.... Steelers- Zachintosh66 - Demarcus Ware
    15th pick.... Baltimore- gtadroptop - Wes Welker
    16th pick.... Bucs- Dan55Moore
    17th pick.... Browns- TheLakelander - Charles Woodson
    18th pick.... Chargers- Mos07 - BJ Raji
    19th pick....Packers- tat2 - Mario Williams

    ~~~~~4th round~~~~~~
    1st pick... Packers - Tat2 - Jordy Nelson
    2nd pick... Chargers - Mos07 - Marquis Pouncey
    3rd pick... Browns - Thelakelander - Jared Allen
    4th pick... Bucs - Dan55moore -
    5thpick ... Ravens - gtadroptop - Miles Austin
    9th pick... Steelers - Zachintosh66 - Roddy White
    10th pick... Panthers - Cbrunn - Joe Haden
    11th pick... Bengals - Black@goldforever32 - Jay Cutler
    12th pick... Saints - Mike Tomlin - Nnamdi
    13th pick... Pats - BlitzBurghRockCity - Lawrence Timmons
    14th pick... Seahawks - Jpele - Lamarr Woodley
    18th pick... Lions - Cmerrifield - James Harrison
    19th pick... Cardinals - Cricker24 - Aaron Hernandez
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    .....List of players taken....

    Aaron Rodgers
    Alex Smith
    Andrew Luck
    Andy DaltonBen Roethlinsberger
    Cam Newton
    Drew Brees
    Eli Manning
    Jay Cutler
    Mathew Stafford
    Matt RyanMatt Schaub
    Peyton Manning
    Philip Rivers
    Robert Griffen III
    Tom Brady
    Tony Romo

    RB Adrian Petterson
    Arien Foster
    Darren McFadden
    Jamaal Charles
    Marshawn Lynch
    Matt Forte
    Maurice Jones Drew
    Michael Turner
    Ray RiceRyan Mathews
    Trent Richardson

    AJ Green
    Andre Johnson
    Antonio Brown
    Brandon Marshall
    Calvin Johnson
    Deshawn Jackson
    Dwayne Bowe
    Greg Jennings
    Jordy NelsonJulio Jones
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Marques Colston
    Mike Wallace
    Miles Austin
    Roddy White
    Victor Cruz
    Vincent Jackson
    Wes Welker

    Aaron Hernandez
    Jason Witten
    Jimmy Graham
    Rob Gronkowski
    Vernon Davis

    Marquis Pouncey

    Joe Thomas

    BJ Raji
    Haloti Ngata
    Ndamukong Suh

    Jared Allen
    Jason Pierre Paul

    D'qwell Jackson
    James Laurinaitis
    Jon Beason
    Lawrence Timmons
    Patrick Willis

    Aldon Smith
    Clay Matthews
    Demarcus Ware
    James Harrison
    Lamarr Woodley
    Mario Williams

    Charles Woodson
    Darrelle Revis
    Joe Hadden
    Nnamdi Asomugha
    Patrick Peterson

    Ryan Clark

    Troy Polamalu
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    Saints and Drew Brees..oh wait..LOL

    Much as it pains me to do it I'll take the Pats and keep Tom Brady.

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    packers and i'll keep rogers
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!

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    Andrew Luck and Bruce Arians!

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    only 27 more teams left

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    Redskins and RG3

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    I'll take Pittsburgh West a.k.a. Arizona Cardinals and I'll keep Larry Fitzgerald

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    Lions and Megatron

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