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Oy vay.

I think the secondary is one of those units that people love to hate because they're not perfect and will never be perfect. I think a position in the secondary is the hardest position to play in football...granted I have never played football, but it's just my opinion. If you're waiting for the secondary to hold opposing offenses to under 200 yards passing every game, you're not gonna have a good time.
Amen. NFL offenses are more complex and lethal than ever before. Some teams (e.g. Patriots, Packers) have 5 quality receivers to run out there every play. Not to mention that many of these have the match-up versatility to be a tight end. People are pining for the days when a great pass defense would hold QBs to 120-150 ypg. That is unreasonable in today's NFL where a 400 yard passing game is the 300 yard game of 10-20 years ago.

Today, your 6th DB is almost as important as your #1 and 6 good DBs is much better than having a couple "lockdown corners" and some scrubs (the formula 20 years ago).