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Thread: Concussion this, concussion that... Make it stop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensK View Post
    Its not really comparable though. It is two different sport cultures. Even though I'm from Denmark I'm not a huge soccer fan, so I will not defend it at all, but I will say that it is a rising trend that the players fall down for nothing. It is immensely annoying to watch, but it really has nothing to do with the players security. You very rarely see anything life-threatening in soccer. Sometimes a guy swallows his own tongue, or a guy gets hit by lightning but those a freak accidents. There have not really been any talk about concussions worth mentioning.
    There has been quite a bit of talk about it in the United States. You might be interested to read the following:

    ‘Concussion Crisis’ impacting girls’ soccer

    The number of girls suffering concussions in soccer accounts for the second largest amount of all concussions reported by young athletes, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine. (Football tops the list.)

    Concussions are more common in young girls than boys and heading the ball is the number one cause. I didn't realize it was such a big issue or that there was such a gender difference until I saw a TV news show where they interviewed several young girls who suffered from debilitating and constant headaches to the point where they were unable to leave their houses. The flopping in soccer really is unrelated to the issue of concussions.
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