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Thread: Have Bengals become the biggest threat to Pittsburgh in AFCN in 2012?

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    Have Bengals become the biggest threat to Pittsburgh in AFCN in 2012?

    Hey everyone, I'm a newcomer to this site and I cannot wait for Pittsburgh's 2012 season to begin. However, I've had one lingering thought in my mind about the competition in front of Pittsburgh in the AFCN ever since the draft ended. Have/Will the Bengals surpassed/surpass the Ravens as the biggest threat to Pittsburgh's chances of taking the AFCN in 2012? As much as I don't want to admit it, I do believe the Bengals have had a tremendous offseason. I thought they had one of the best drafts and signed some good role players in free agency including Jason Allen and Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Some of their moves, however, I think have been overblown. I don't think Benjarvus Green-Ellis is that great of a pick up. He's a solid player who doesn't turn the ball over, but he's no Trent Richardson and he certainly is no Ray Rice. Personally, I think Pittsburgh and Baltimore's front seven will beat him like a drum. And Flacco scares me more than Dalton does, although Dalton has A.J. Green to throw the ball to so that feeling might be subject to change. But I keep hearing predictions that Pittsburgh is going to finish 3rd in the AFCN this year. To me, that is insane! Just wanted to hear others thoughts on the division for next season.

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    Welcome to the board and personally I think the Bengals are the bigger object in the Steelers way now and Think Balt opportunity was last year and look for them to decline. Sure Balt is always going to play Pitt tuff cause of the rivalry and there defense will always be there but look for them to fold more games against other teams. Cinci is fairly young and upcoming and as for Pitt finishing third this season I don't buy it all all. I look for this team to make a good run at 7 this year and not fall very short from it or at all. There is too much talent on the Steelers now on both sides.

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    I look at it like this we are the class of the North un till they beat us so .Kinda like our line is supposed to be great but we don't really know

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    Well if Dalton plays better than Flacco they will be battling for first.. The Bengals season is on Dalton..

    Flacco with a weaker defense is in trouble. Less time on the field for him will force him to produce...
    The Ravens season is on the defense holding their ground.

    We are better in the OL and have Haley.. Ben is Ben.. We will win.. We have a huge WR advantage...
    We will be hard to beat... Our DB's need to show up...

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    when the p-cats have consecutive winning seasons then i'll take them seriously...
    "Today, I'm officially retiring a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don't want to play it in any other uniform. The black and gold runs deep in me, and I will remain a Steeler for life."--Hines Ward

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    they are certainly the flavor of the month.

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    It's all on fire bush, if he can have a solid year they'll be tough... We already know and expect their D to be good!

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    I agree with K train, they are the sexy pick for the NFL right now. Each year the media picks a few teams to be the next big thing. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. Seems when they pick Cleveland they are usually

    The Bengals are far from the doormats they used to be but they are young still. Teams now have a full year of film on Dalton and Greene so expect them to struggle this year against good defenses. Still though I wouldn't say they are that far off from the Ravens right now either.

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    Happy to have a new Steeler poster.

    Yeah, the Bengals (on paper) look to be the team to give us problems this season. In theory, you'd think Dalton would be better this year with a decent O-line and running game around him. I have to admit that they've upgraded the overall talent of the team very well the last three years.

    But it's not like we've been just twittling our toes either. I think we have done enough continuous upgrading in our talent to continue our domimance in this division. I also feel our mental toughness is waaaaay ahead of the Bengals too. And at this level of football where the talent is mostly on the same level, the mental edge is a huge, huge factor.

    I expect the Ravens to take a step or two back because of what they lost in free agency, coupled with dissatisfaction by Ray Rice and his contract situation and injuries that are mounting in the Ravens linebacker corps. All those things will allow the Bengals to easily finish behind us and possibly secure another wild card position.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    You forget that Lewis is what... Almost 40 in football years

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