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Thread: Santonio at it again

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
    i agree with Train here ... it's the Rex Ryan effect ... i used to think he would be a good head coach ... but he's just not , to many distractions ... great coordinator but not leader of men
    Not sure it's all Ryan's fault and his attitude change after being Superbowl MVP and he turned into more of a prima donna. Glad the Rooney's recognized it early enough and cut the head off the snake.

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    As for Ryan he's only going as far as his qb Sanchez can take him. Sanchez is a average qb at best so Rex relies on the running game more.The rbs he had and has are nothing special with Greene and past his time LT, add in the fact defenses are stacking the line against them daring Sanchez to beat them. Don't know if Tebow is the answer but till they deal with the fact of what they have in Sanchez, I don't expect the Jets to go far anytime soon.

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