Just had to post this up, with Chad Johnson (yes I still call him that) being a former AFC North guy now teaming up with T.O. to work out together and perhaps help each other in signing on with another team. Assuming it's not too late of course which in mind it already is but hey...the Steelers could use a 5th WR so

Chad Ochocinco (left) and Terrell Owens have combined for 26,993 receiving yards and 223 total touchdowns in their NFL careers.

Ochocinco, released by the New England Patriots on Thursday, worked out with Terrell Owens in Miami this weekend. The video footage of this seminal event was provided by OCNN, Ochocinco's news network (or something to that effect).

Ochocinco and Owens are seen running routes and catching balls in one short video. In another, Owens discusses his hopes of an NFL return.

"Eventually, I'm coming back. All I need is one team," he said, wearing his now customary uniform of no shirt, fresh coat of perspiration and dog tags. "Everybody's talking about what happened five, seven years ago. See my heart, not my past."

Though it's unlikely NFL general managers are clawing at each other over a 38-year-old receiver with character issues coming off major knee surgery, Owens was asked where he would like to play preferably.

"Ideally, there's a few teams out there," he said. "Obviously I want to go to a contender, but whatever the case may be I just want the opportunity to go out play a couple more years, I'm still productive.

"I've done some things wrong, but hey, I was young, immature, but right now I'm moving forward, turning over pages."

Ochocinco remains out of the shot during this interview, which is probably for the best. Owens is facing a serious uphill struggle to get back to the NFL, and Ochocinco is best served to keep his own quest for employment separate.

That said, this must be some treat for 2010 Cincinnati Bengals nostalgists. We know you're out there! NFL.com