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Thread: Does Foote make it through the whole year as the starter or does Sylvester step in?

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    Question Does Foote make it through the whole year as the starter or does Sylvester step in?

    The Steelers have confidence in Foote to step right in for Farrior and the defense to not miss a beat. Experience wise, Foote has 10 years in this defense, if anybody knows the ins and outs, it's him. He's got more speed to hang with the passing game but he's no spring chicken either.

    So one must wonder, he's going to be the starter in September but how much do they force Sylvester into the lineup this season? Is it time for him to really step up to the plate or will he take a back seat all year? Even if he does, Sylvester that is, he'll still see playing time either because of injury or just in a regular rotation when Timmons or Foote need a breather.

    I've always been a big fan of Foote, anybody that's been around here for awhile knows that. I like the additional bit of speed that he brings but sooner or later Sylvester's time will come and let's hope he'll be ready.

    From the Tribune Review

    “I can hold my own,” he said. “I’ve taken the huddle of this team before in my 10 years. I know the defense. I can play.”

    Foote played alongside Farrior for five years and 80 consecutive games from 2004-08 before leaving for his hometown Detroit Lions for one season in 2009.

    While he mostly backed up Farrior during his first season back with the Steelers in 2010, Foote took over a larger role by replacing Farrior for multiple series at a time.

    Foote played 40 percent (411 plays) of the Steelers’ defensive snaps last season. Farrior played 73 percent of the snaps. In the two games Farrior was out because of an injury (Baltimore and New England), Foote logged 70 and 57 snaps, respectively.

    “Larry Foote knows this defense in and out,” Butler said. “He’s been in this defense for 10 years. If anybody knows this defense, it’s Larry Foote. Larry Foote is a very capable starter for us, and there won’t be much drop-off by having him in there.”

    When the Steelers invested a first-round pick on Lawrence Timmons in 2007, Foote knew he wasn’t going to be in the team’s long-term plans, so he signed a one-year deal with the Lions when his contract expired.

    Although Foote started 14 games and had his second-best tackling season of his career, the Lions went 2-14.

    In the non-salary cap year of 2010, the Steelers lured Foote back in a reserve role. He agreed to return but only after he was assured he wasn’t being signed to replace Farrior.

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    i think so, not that i love the idea but sly needs to blow up in camp if hes gonna unseat him next to timmons. id imagine sly and spence will both find packages to see the field though

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    When Foote went to Detroit.. Who cryed?

    Im rooting for Sly or Spence.

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    Spence will start over Sylvester anyday, he should he's a 3rd round draft pick and judging by miamis nfl success I think he's going to do fine.

    I would like to see Spence actually start a game, could help foote as well, alternate between him and sly and see what they have to offer.

    **** the linebackers sitting for 5 years before they see a snap (over exaggerating but idc)

    if he can hit, line him up and let him go after ray rice.

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    I believe he is capable, and will do a good job stuffing the run. I just worry about him in coverage; not as fast as he used to be - and that wasn't that fast to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    When Foote went to Detroit.. Who cryed?

    Im rooting for Sly or Spence.
    I did.

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    Foote (barring injury) will get most of the snaps this year. Lebeau will play the steady hand. Spence will be ready next year.


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    I too like Spence but logic would seem to dictate that Sly is going to see some time this year. Especially if Foote appears long in the tooth at any given time.

    But I could see Spence being given some 3rd and long yardage opportunities by years end if he catches on well.
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    Foote will be the starter until either Spence steps up or they draft his replacement next year!

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    Foote will start and play in most packages. Sylvester will fill in and be first man up in an injury occurs. Spence will be a special teamer for his first year. It's very doubtful Spence will get into any reg season snaps unless alot of injuries happen or the Steelers are seriously blowing someone out.
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