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Thread: Time to lively up the joint a little bit ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtadroptop View Post
    They walked out of Hi-Tops in one piece after mouthing off like that?
    They didn't "mouth off" per se ... it was their brashness, their arrogance, their snottiness ... it was evident from the moment they walked into the place ... it was as thick as their grooming cream and hair spray ... it left an impression on me I've never gotten over ...
    It's hip to T-Squared ...

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    Well, I used to go to the "Sports Page Cafe" outside North Charleston to watch the few Steeler games that were not televised. Believe it or not, Charleston is a Steeler town, with a great bunch of loyal, but misplaced Steeler fans. I would have to say with no doubt the most arrogant, ignorant fans would be the Cowboy fans. Even if the Cowboys lost (which they do a lot), they would stay and revel in any Steeler misfortune (even after their game had ended). I often said they got more joy from a Steeler loss than a Cowboy win. There was a certain group of Cowboys fans that were worse than most and got in your face any chance they got.

    A close second would be Pasteristics* fans. They game Lakey references above actually caused a near riot between them and loyal Steeler fans at this site. The fight carried over into the parking lot and the street and only ended when the North Charleston police arrived. From that day forward, us true "Steeler" fans had a reserved room upstairs to watch the game. The owner, although a Jets fan knew who the trouble makers were and also knew the Steelers fans were loyal and helped his bottom line considerably. I also think he hated Pasteristic* fans.

    Sadly, "The Sports Page Cafe" no longer exists, succumb to a fire a few years back.


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