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Thread: Finally more use out of the Tight End ?

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    It used to be that Heath was used more in the redzone but not so much in between the 20's. Now the last few years he's been used more in the middle of the field but less in the redzone. It all comes back to balance and I would venture a guess that more often than not Ben would not have to force the ball to Heath, he's usually open no matter who is covering him.

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    Dude, Arians knew that the defenses were going to cover Miller in the redzone, so he changed it up to confuse them. who cares about scoring..

    Brady to Welker, you know its coming every other 3rd down for sure but you have to stop the play... Arians thought his reverse phycology was the play, he had no faith in any player making a play. Bye Bye Arians..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpele View Post
    I get it the term for it is " the Bruce Ariens game plan".
    The term for it was "Ward, Holmes, Wallace, Brown" ...

    Heath has done his part ... I'm happy with all that he's accomplished ...

    • 4th all-time on the Steelers Receptions list
    • 8th all-time on the Steelers TD Receptions list
    • Most accomplished TE in Steelers history

    Heath has nothing else to prove ...

    I frankly don't care who scores our TD's ... just win baby!
    It's hip to T-Squared ...

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