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Thread: First Steelers game that you remember watching?

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    I've been watching this team ever since I can remember. My dad went to the Super Bowl vs the Rams as a teenager and he was hooked ever since...then kinda passed it on to me. For some reason a primetime game against the Browns in the early 90's sticks out in my head, but I honestly can't remember.
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    The first game I remember was Super Bowl IX against the Vikings

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    A regular season game circa 1974. I was just old enough to start figuring out the rules and saw the Steelers absolutely dominate a team (Browns?) and thought to myself I like the way they play. Mean Joe Greene, for those who didn't get the chance to see him, was an absolute Godzilla out there on the field. Liked L.C. Greenwood as well.

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    Playoff loss to the eventual perfect '72 Miami Dolphins......didn't see the "Immaculate Reception" playoff was blacked out here.

    Don't remember any regular season games from that season but I was hooked after that playoff game.
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    The first game I still "remember" was the Immaculate Reception playoff game ... my old neighbors from Moon Twp. had moved to Stuebenville, OH ... and since the game was a TV blackout in Pittsburgh, my family was invited to drive to Stuebenville to watch the game at their home ... I remember they had a hardwood floor in their living room and there wasn't enough furniture, so I had to sit on the hardwood floor for most of the game ... sore *** ... rabbit ears and horizontal lines ... LMAO ... the reception was **** poor ... I was really too young to understand what was going on ... December 23, 1972 ... I was 8 years old ...

    Roberto Clemente died just 8 days later ... I remember that moment very vividly as well ...

    My mom died about a year later ... February 4, 1974 ... I was 9 ...
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    For me it was Superbowl XIII at 8 years old. In fact, it was the first NFL game I remember ever watching. My brother was rooting for the Cowgirls along with every other kid on the block and I wanted to be different so I decided to root for the Steelers to annoy them all. My brother got so pissed he bet me a dollar on the game neither of us had. I still remember him freaking out when he lost and my dad giving me the dollar. Oddly enough, living in NJ in the 70's with no Direct TV to watch them, I still wasn't a full Football fan and thus the next two Steeler games I remember seeing was Super Bowl XIV against the Rams and Terry Bradshaw's last game against the Jets in the 34-7 win over the Jets in the last game at Shea stadium. I still remember clearly the fans after the game tearing Shea apart LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Rams super bowl was the first time I can remember actually watching a game as a kid. I know I watched before that, according to my parents, but that's the first one I actually remember. I thought they had cool uniforms and that Mean Joe was just the toughest guy ever!
    Same here. I grew up on the Jersey Shore so my Dad was a Jets fan and my Brother a Giants fan. I hated the Rams helmets so I went with the Black and Gold. I was only 6 but I can remember my Dad letting me stay up to watch it.
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    super bowl 14. I was watching my tv, my dad came home chips, pop and pretzels. Said I get the tv now! (we only had one tv in the house). I was 9 years old. I wasnt really into football yet. I remember my dad cussing out Bradshaw. Of course ive seen the game since, bradshaw threw 3 ints.

    I also vaguely remember the playoff when the plane crashed into the old memorial stadium. Was Steelers vs Colts playoff game in 1976. I don't remember the game, but remember the plane crashing in the stands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Lakelander View Post

    Roberto Clemente died just 8 days later ... I remember that moment very vividly as well ...
    Sadly, I remember that as well. New year's Eve night, helping his fellow man.

    God bless Roberto.

    We have all lost love ones in life and oddly they are tied to the Steelers lore. I can remember when my Mom passed I was in the hospital waiting area (Doctor had us leave the room for a while) and the Steelers and Rams were playing MNF football. It was as surreal a night as I can ever remember, almost an out of body experience.

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