Top 5 Bets
1. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Green Bay Packers
3. New England Patriots
4. Philadelphia Eagles
5. Denver Broncos

5 Teams to Avoid
1. Baltimore Ravens
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Houston Texans
5. New York Jets


Green Bay Packers

The Packers are the early favorites, unsurprisingly. I think the fact that they choked in the playoffs is actually helping their odds this year, with people assuming it canít happen two years in a row. I like the Packers chances next season as much as any teams. Iíd say the oddsmakers are giving them a fair shake.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have the second best odds out there right now after the Packers. At 8/1, I think the Patriots are being fairly rated by oddsmakers.

San Francisco 49ers

I think the 49ers are being overrated slightly at 10/1. I would stay away from them. I think theyíre going to be a really good football team, Iím just not confident that Alex Smith can win a Super Bowl. I think theyíre one of the best teams in football, but a few other teams have higher ceilings.

Denver Broncos

I love the Colts at 12/1. With Peyton Manning at quarterback, jump on these odds.

Houston Texans

I think 12/1 is a little high for Houston. Iíd stay away from them. I think some teams with lower odds actually have a better shot to win the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are a great bet at 14/1. They have all the talent necessary to win a Super Bowl. Donít
be discouraged by their disappointing season last year, as it was somewhat of an anomaly. Iím
not saying the Eagles are going to win it all, but I think their chances are being
underrated by the oddsmakers.

Baltimore Ravens

Stay away from the Ravens. Iíd be shocked if they won the Super Bowl, with Joe Flacco and a
defense thatís on the decline in my opinion.

New Orleans Saints

I donít like the Saints at all with all the turmoil going on in New Orleans. If their odds were lower they would make a decent sleeper pick, but 16/1 just seems awfully high to me.

New York Giants

The odds may be stacked against the Giants repeating, but the oddsmakers have overcompensated for this in my opinion. At 16/1, the Giants are a quality bet.

Chicago Bears

The Bears are being underrated in my opinion. If they can get their offensive line together, they could be really dangerous. Good bet.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are overrated at 20/1. Theyíve got potential, but stay away from them with those odds. This isnít surprising though. The Cowboys are always overrated.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Of all the teams Iíve covered so far, none are being more underrated by oddsmakers than the Steelers. They had a great draft and the best defense in football last season. If youíre betting on the Steelers, youíre betting that Ben Roethlisberger can stay healthy. Thatís never a guarantee, but the chances of this increased dramatically with the Steelers first and second round draft picks. If they stay at 20/1, the Steelers are the best bet in terms of odds to win the Super Bowl in my opinion.

San Diego Chargers

I like the Chargers at 22/1. Theyíre traditionally underachievers, but they have the talent to win the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons

Until Matt Ryan proves he can win a playoff game, stay away from the Falcons.

Detroit Lions

The Lions are never going to win a Super Bowl with that defense.

New York Jets

The Jets are way overrated at 25/1. I donít think theyíre even going to make the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are an exciting team, but a little overrated at 35/1. Like the Jets, Iíd be quite surprised if they even made the playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are being rated fairly. They should be a good team, but I donít think they have a high enough ceiling to even consider betting on them to win the Super Bowl.

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