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Thread: Steelers players with voidable contracts & guaranteed money concerns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSteel15 View Post
    So now we have to draft another LB and another RB.... Those stats are due to injuries ladies and gentlemen! Let this season play out before we start worrying about replacing key figures to the leagues #1 defense....
    I didn't even look at the stats, just giving my opinion based on what I've seen the last few years. Harrison is one of my favorite players, but father time catches up to everyone. And the fact that he is defiant and won't change his play, makes me think he will continue to be fined and suspened until he is gone.

    And no we don't have to worry about drafting a LB or RB yet. Actually I'm pretty comfortable with our RB group right now, barring injury. And LB is just a matter of whether these draft picks from the last few years will step up and contribute like an NFL starter should.
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    I'm not worried cause they restructure every year based on team needs and if you don't cooperate then they cut you timmons and woodley will cooperate

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    Father time hits everyone, it will Harrison sooner or later too. Within another 2-3 years they'll be looking for his replacement.

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    The stats are just there for information, it doesn't mean the team is going to cut anyone. We all know Woodley isn't going anywhere and neither is Timmons. Like many of you though I'm not convinced Harrison has that many years left on this team. If he stays healthy he's still a force, there is no doubt. Plus he did have a better year playing within the rules in 2011, mostly. Money is money though and even with the new TV contract funds becoming available in a couple more years, Silverback won't be the youngest guy in the world.

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    I"m hoping that they try and seriously find Harrison's replacement in next year's draft.
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    This is article is simply the opinion of a writer who clearly doesn't know how the Steelers operate. Anyone who think Harrison, Timmons, and Woodley could be cut in the next couple of years is clearly smoking some serious ganja. The front office doesn't sign players to contracts knowing the team can't afford them 2 or 3 years down the road. You sign them based on what your salary cap is now, what it is projected to be and always keep the restructures as a safe guard.

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