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Thread: USA Today Grading of the Draft, Guess who is #1

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    USA Today Grading of the Draft, Guess who is #1

    Every years for as long as I can remember I looked forward to the USA Today's Monday coverage of the draft. But for the first time that I can remember the Steelers were graded as having the best draft in 2012. While it might not be a big surprise to many who read this board or others, I think people across the country who only watch their team will be mad to see how our Pittsburgh Steelers are regrouping and working our way to our seventh Lombardi.
    The more I read about the guys we drafted the more excited I am about the up coming season. Training camp can't start soon enough.
    If you want to read the USA Today Story, here is the link.

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    Love it!

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    I'm even happy about the undrafted guys we signed. I think our special team units will be outstanding too! The safety we signed (Robert Golden) I'm really intrigued about. Hope he can help us down the line.
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    No way to know at this point how this draft will turn out but how cool is it that at least the people that know talent are saying a team picking at 24 had a great draft? Remember that a big part of this was the Steelers being willing to take a chance on a guy with some problems that at one point was off their board. Now let's see these guys contribute next year.

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    I saw that article, thanks for posting. It is a great draft, no doubt.


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    This is one of their best drafts in many years
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    I don't look much into the draft after the 4th round, but DeCastro, Adams, Spence and Ta'amu are solid picks! you can't ask for much more than that, awesome. The guys after the 4th round seem interesting too but that's about it, interesting.

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    We needed this draft to be great and at this point it looks like they hit it out of the park. As long as we hit on DeCastro, Adams, Spence, and Ta'amu the rest of the guys are just a bonus. I'd like to see what Rainey can do competing with the rest of the backfield too.

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    Colbert's eventual grade won't be known for 3 years, and will very much depend on Adams and Spence and how they do. From a fan sense, I'm really happy. Much like last year, it's like making a list out before you go to the store and then coming back with everything on your list. . . . .

    Going into the draft, needs clearly were OL, NT, ILB and we came out with OG, OT, ILB (OLB we plan to use inside) and NT. I was hoping for multiple OL men, and my buddy Raden/Greg said he was expecting it. Kudos to him, but I still got the 1st round pick prize.

    DeCastro is a stud, and anyone could have made that pick. Adams was a roll of the dice. I think a good pick, but not without some risk. Spence, I don't know about. Seems like a good kid with a nose for the ball, but we'll have to wait and see what they do with him. Ta'amu is the guy I wanted in the 3rd, but we got in the 4th.

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    Blitz, Rainey has one person to beat, Maze...

    Rainey will be returning kicks and a 3rd down frustration for everyone we play.

    Moore and Batch may be done now.

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