Bit of a shocking pick to me, i really liked it a lot though. Once again the steelers dip into Floridas talent pool and they came out with a guy that is a RB threat that Haley loves in his offense.

He will be used much like Stephens-Howling/Tim Hightower was used in AZ (both are terrific receivers out of the backfield) and how haley used his second round draft pick Dexter Mccluster last season in KC. He is a great all around weapon, can get open and find holes underneath....much like guys like sproles, reggie bush, ray rice have made a career out of doing. He can line up outside, inside, in the backfield and will likely take KR and PR duties from Brown with him being the #2 now. It will end up being an all around great utility pick, just a guy you can use to exploit mismatches.

He has world class speed, not quite like his former team mate jeff demps but hes the better football player of the two. I say he makes the roster over Baron Batch