This was such a value pick its not even funny. I did not think he would make it to the steelers pick in round 2, i was screaming for him in round 3 (much like i did for curtis brown last year), and i was shocked he was still available in 4. Awesome move trading up for him...they really did what had to be done this year.

Hes a huge NT...very powerful, very stout, and very good at winning at the point of attack. He was playing on a pretty terrible defense and literally made a career out of making other guys look better than they were. At nearly 350 pounds he shows great agility and lateral movement, as well as pursuit toe the ball, play recognition, and closing speed for a man that size. This wont limit the steelers from playing him on passing downs because he can disrupt, hes not gonna be just a pure anchor NT. He is actually a great fit for a 43 NT because he can get after the Qb and collapse the pocket a bit. But expect the steelers to move him around the line sometimes to exploit mismatches. I loved poe and chapman but out of 3 NTs i would have been happy walking away with taamu is definitely one of them. Hes probably more of a sure than than poe, and less of an injury liability than complaints here from me.

He can do it all for a NT....stuff the run, occupy multiple blockers, collapse the pocket and get after the QB. what a fantastic pick he will turn out to be.

Its a great feeling having damn near nothing negative to say about the first 4 picks. I dont think ive ever done that before lol