Some people, including myself were a little surprised by this pick (I was screaming for Taamu :-)....) but overall while i think it was a slight reach and not a great schematic fit i do like the pick and heres why:

Spence is undersized but hes good in traffic, hes a good special teamer, and up until this point he hasnt let his size hurt him in playing football so i wouldnt expect that to just become a burden now. He like timmons is probably better suited for a weakside backer in a 43, but the steelers have tended to draft MLBs a bit smaller than you would prefer in a 34, but with the beef on the oline (espeically now) it hasnt hurt them and actually i think has become a more effective schematic advantage (many 34 teams are playing with smaller, penetrating NTs and DEs....we kinda stockpile dlinemen that can stack and shed blockers and stuff the run)

He may never be a starter, and may find starts here and there as a backup, but he looks to thrive in the nickel backer role covering TEs and Backs because thats what the league is now, we need someone who can run with big and fast TEs and cover sneaky RBs out of the backfield and thats exactly what spence brings to the table. Hes not going to blow through guards like lets say donta hightower would, but he will be able to run with ray rice and guys like gresham/gronk...ect. I dont expect much from him early on the defense, but i do expect him to be one hell of a special teamer...Spence, Sly, Allen are all great special teamers, we could be looking at a top coverage unit

I met him once too at Miami while i was visiting a friend, real nice guy too....i just have a feeling hes gonna be a guy that will put in the amount of work needed to make an impact on the team, regardless of the role