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Thread: Are you comfortable with our cornerbacks?

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    Are you comfortable with our cornerbacks?

    I'd like to get an idea of how you feel about our cornerbacks. I"m very "iffy" on them right now. I'm happy that we address our D-line which I"m hoping will generate a greater pass rush which will help protect the guys in the secondary as a whole. But I'm concerned that our corners are never in position to make any type of play on the ball therefore our defense doesn't score as much as we'd like.

    I'm wondering should we maybe take a look at Jenkins from Dallas (who's been put on the block) or the Buffalo cornerback (who's also been put on the block). I will be interested to see who gets cut in the coming months. A little bit of an upgrade would make me feel better.

    Tell me where you guys are at concerning our corners & safties. Don't forget, we don't have Ryan Clark available for the season opener against the Broncos.
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    I think our Cornerbacks are fine ... first and foremost in the Steelers defense the corners have to be able to TACKLE ... did they every have anybody recently that made plays on the ball?? ... and Ike and Kennan can tackle , along with Brown and Allan , and the 7th round pick Fredricks is supposed to be able to tackle very well too

    I'm really excited for Brown and Allan , i think they both will be good ... Make or break year for Kennan i think ...

    I think next year draft they solidify the DB's ... but i think Brown and Allan or the DB of the future

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    I'm very comfortable with them ... Ike Taylor is an elite shut down corner who was left out on an island vs. the Broncos ... it was the worst game of his career ... but take away that one game and Ike has been very solid ...

    Keenan Lewis is coming on nicely. Cortez Allen and the other kid are fast and athletic ...

    I like the situation ...

    It's our safeties I am worried about ...
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    Lake how about Sean Spence playing a little safety????

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    JESUS we just had the best draft class in the league for this year and the number 1 defense against the pass .The safety situation will hold up for one more year.We will be fine maybe it's time to see what cromartie-smith has got cause he's been hangin around for a minute .I don't expect much but hopefully he is the answer

    PS Ike Taylor is a above average corner and a solid tough player but he is not an Elite cornerback
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    I wish we had the money to sign a solid corner and wallace in FA. We would have been such a legit team that I would have been surprised if we didn't win the SB. Especially with the awesome draft we just had

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollers View Post
    Lake how about Sean Spence playing a little safety????
    that would never ever work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollers View Post
    Lake how about Sean Spence playing a little safety????
    He is our new Farrior. Listen to the Steelers. They already said spence is going to play ILB but cant play buck. So that leaves what?

    Maybe they didnt want to say he is taking Sly's position.

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    Whats wrong with the corners? Ike, Lewis, Brown and Allen. Thats not a bad group. And no more Gay that improves it by itself. And Mundy will fill in fine for Clark in the first game. Jenkins is no where near the answer. He was getting slammed by the Dallas media and fans last year why would he work in Pitt?

    And for the love of God please stop with Spence at safety already. I'd love to see the laughter on Butlers's face if he was asked that question in a press conference.
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    It dont matter who the Steelers have in the secondary if we have a pass rush!

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