Just another incredible pickup along the oline for the steelers. Much like 2007 when they drafted timmons and woodley back to back the steelers double dipped on the oline in 2012 and it really turned out to be incredible value for them.

David decastro was a top 10 value at guard, which is a rarity....but for much of the process (an in pure raw talent) Mike Adams has similar top 10 value at a much more premium position. I originally had Adams as my #2 tackle behind kalil. He had a great senior season after his suspension and he had a great senior bowl week. His triangle numbers were not great but he looked good in the drills at the combine. He showed up to play as a senior though, looking good in both run blocking and pass blocking but his true value is as a pass blocker because of his great athleticism and footwork. At 6-7 320+ he certainly looks the part, and really does actually look good on tape going up against some premier pass rushers, many of which were first round picks. He does has his flaws, but he has all the tools to work with and will likely compete for either tackle spot pretty early on. Last year we got gilbert in the 2nd (5th rated tackle) this year we got adams who was my 2nd or 3rd rated tackle.

This line went from abysmal in 09, to better with pouncey in 2010, to serviceable in 2011 to potentially great in 2012. Even if you dont like adams, his ability is undeniable. And lets say you put him next to a decastro and a pouncey....potentially crishing oline, about as close to a brick wall as i could imagine....by far the ebst thing ben has had to work with.