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Thread: David DeCastro - Break down and analysis

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    David DeCastro - Break down and analysis


    I was blown away and sooooooo nervous they were going to pass on him. Hes really the best guard i can remember being in the draft, an instant day one starter and a difference maker.

    A violent blocker that moves well in space and dominates at the point of attack he was a STAR on that stanford line blocking for #1 pick Andrew Luck. Such a polished blocker, doesnt just have the size and tools but he has the technique and hes a intimidating lineman that is going to put in the time to become the best. Putting him next to pouncey is going to be magical. Hes going to be better than Faneca, bold statement maybe but hes as close to a sure thing as it gets. I had him 6th overall as a prospect, hes elite as a guard...guards just get disrespected in the draft.

    Such a fantastic pick. Im a big advocate of putting one dominant player on a line and it makes everyone else better regardless of position. He will make pouncey all world, and he will make the tackles look better. Everyone wins. Something to think about is how average the tackles on the saints are/were but how much they could do on offense through carl nicks and jahri evans....this is step 2 towards a dominant oline, give me one more guard this draft (even in round 2) and watch the points rack up.

    Hes a better prospect than Iupati, Branden Albert, Eric Wood, Danny watkins, Justin Blalock....BOTH pounceys. The only guards that i would say were better prospects werent even guard prospects like leonard davis and robert gallery. The only reason they are guards is because they failed at tackle
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