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Thread: Steelers 1st Round Pick 2012: David DeCastro - OG - Stanford

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    Talking Steelers 1st Round Pick 2012: David DeCastro - OG - Stanford

    The Offensive continues to be addressed, thank goodness! Outstanding pick, never thought he'd fall this far but I started getting excited around pick 15. I guess we can thank the Patriots for making that trade with the Bengals and the Browns taking yet another QB.

    I love this pick, the football guys answered my prayers tonight in round 1! Welcome to Pittsburgh man! Ben, hopefully you'll have a few less grass stains on your jersey in the future.

    1st Round, 24th Pick
    David DeCastro Bio

    DeCastro is an extremely polished guard out of Stanford who started for three consecutive years. While he is considered an early entry junior, he spent four years at Stanford and has already graduated. He is a disciplined and NFL-ready player who likely will warrant a starting spot immediately through his play. He could be one of the highest draft picks at the guard position in recent years, and he could easily go in the top 10.


    DeCastro is a technician on the field and is beautiful to watch for those who respect offensive line play. He is very quick off the ball to get into his block. DeCastro is able to shuffle nicely to avoid trash when pulling or down blocking. Once engaged, he is very strong to his ground. He demonstrates a good snap upon contact with defenders and is usually the one providing the drive-back pressure on his man. Once locked on his man, he can drive and maneuver them at will using his very strong upper body. DeCastro is extremely controlled in his movements, and he has body control and overall balance that is rare for a man his size. DeCastro is very athletic on the move and can key in and adjust well on his moving target. It's nearly impossible to find many weak points in DeCastro's play throughout college, and he could easily be the best lineman on his team as a rookie.


    DeCastro is inconsistent when finishing run blocks downfield. There were times in 2011 when he would fall off his blocks at times -- although never an effort issue, there are some slight hitches in his bending and footwork downfield that cause him to fall off slightly. He is not a violent puncher with his hands, but he doesn't necessarily need to acquire that trait because he is such a technician.

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    FINALLY a smart first round pick.

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    Great pick! Never thought he would go this low in the draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omicron View Post
    Great pick! Never thought he would go this low in the draft.
    "they" had him going between great value , but i admit i dont follow college much

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    I'm A "Champion"

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    This is beyond awesome...
    However much you think you know about football, rest assured that Skip Bayless knows more!

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    my dreams came true...GAME CHANGER PEOPLE

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    Woohoo. And we should congratulate the 1st round pick prediction winner. Who was that again?

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    Finally a real quard!

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    Great pick! I posed this question earlier in the week. I had a hunch he would fall.

    Going to buy a lottery ticket Saturday!


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