There may not be a Pro Bowl this year, but really does anyone care? Nobody watches it, it doesn't sell out in Hawaii, it doesn't sell out in Florida, and TV ratings are nothing special either. Most of us that do watch it only do so to see our teams players one last time for the year.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association were considering the future of the Pro Bowl, the league confirmed Thursday, following reports the annual game was set to be canceled after last season's much-derided matchup.

"[The NFL has] been in discussions with the union about the future of the Pro Bowl. No determination has been made yet about this season's game," league spokesman Greg Aiello said.

The league and union agreed that the quality of last year's game, which saw the NFC claim a 55-41 win over the AFC, was unacceptable at a meeting between the sides earlier this month.

The sides, though, were understood to have discussed ways to improve the fixture rather than wipe it from the schedule.
The game still is listed on the NFL's calendar the week before New Orleans hosts Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3, though the location remains unknown.

Yet ESPN reported earlier Thursday, citing league sources, that the delay in naming a venue was because the Pro Bowl game "likely will be suspended this season and beyond," with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "strongly considering" the move.

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