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Thread: JensK first rounder

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    yeah they can win with a bad Oline, but it would be much much easier with a good Oline

    with Reiff ... day 1 starter at RT .. kick Colon inside to LG ....that's like making 2 picks

    then with your second you don't even need a Guard ...or could go Brandon Brooks...and get Fangupo later in the 4th or 5th

    could be ... Gilbert, Colon, Pouncey, Brooks, Reiff ....with Leg. and Foster backing up ...


    DL with addition of poe ... Heyward, Poe, Hood ....

    supposed to be a better NT draft next year ...for this year the Dline can hold it's own as long as we add a depth pick 3-7 like a wolfe fangupo or hicks

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    Can't believe I am saying this but I am agreeing with cbrunn! I am tired of a mediocre O-line and if and only if he or Decastro fell I would take him instead of any defensive player!

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    a dline with keisel, poe, heyward and hood would be disgusting.

    reiff wont fall and the chances are we wont put colon at guard. Decastro is my second favorite player in the entire draft next to richardson.....he would be amazing, but plugging in guys like brooks or zeitler is not going to net the same effect

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    Someone will fall, but who knows which player it will be. I am not against double-clutching on the O-line if you get someone like Decastro falling to you and you just run with that, because you didn't expect it. I am not sure it would happen with Poe and Hightower on the board and Zeitler being the first round pick. As long as they stick with value, we are going to get some quality talent this year at 1 and 2 that helps where we need it most.

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