So, I thought I'd have a crack at it. I've decided to have some a few surprise picks here and there, especially the one to the Steelers! So without further ado, bash away:

1. Colts - QB Andrew Luck - Stanford

It hardly gets more slam-dunk than this. Andrew Luck is everything you want from a QB. He can pretty much do it all and the obvious need for a QB for Colts (plus the fact that they've said he'll be the pick) Luck is just a perfect match. Good year to start being bad by the Colts!

2. Redskins - QB Robert Griffin - Baylor

Much like Colts, the Redskins get their guy as well, although at a very high price. Griffen extremely talented and he, much like Luck, can do it all. Expectations will be huge though (probably more so than Luck). I have no doubt in my mind that he has the talent to be a great QB, and so does the Redskins it would seem.

3. Vikings - OT Matt Kalil - USC

So many rumors about this pick here but Kalil has to be the pick. He is the best OL player in this draft and Vikings biggest need is to keep Ponder alive. Kalil will be a huge step in the right direction in that regard.

4. Browns - RB Trent Richardson - Alabama

This pick just makes sense. While I'm not totally sure that Browns are sold on McCoy as their QB they don't think that there are any others at this point who'll cut it. Instead they pick Richardson who has all the tools to be one of the better RBs in the league.

5. Buccaneers - CB Morris Claiborne - LSU

Will Talib stay? Will they trade him? Will he stay? Either way he is getting old and thusly the Bucs need to get younger there. They get Claiborne who is a 1 on 1 shutdown CB. He reminds me of Joe Haden coming out. Personally I believe this may be a little too high for him, but a good CB is important and the need is there.

6. Rams - DT Fletcher Cox - Mississippi State

Surprised? Me too honestly. Blackmon seems like the obvious choice here, but I've seen plenty of rumors having Cox going to the Rams and the pick makes decent sense in terms of what the Rams need. Cox is a very very good player who'll help sure up that Rams defense for years to come. (A big part of me still believes Blackmon will be the pick, but for now I'll go with Cox).

7. Jaguars - WR Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State

The Jaguars are oh so very pleased with this. They have a pretty good defense but they have lacked playmakers on the offense aside from MJD. In Blackmon they get, arguably, the most exciting playmaker in the draft.

8. Dolphins - QB Ryan Tannehill - Texas A&M

They need a QB and they like Tannehill so yeah... I'm not sure if I don't feel like its a slight reach at this point but Dolphins have to get more continuity on the position and Tannehill looks to be a promising pro.

9. Panthers - CB Stephon Gilmore - South Carolina

Panthers suddenly found a way to be an exciting offense with the arrival of Cam Newton. So now they look to sure up the defensive side with Gilmore. Panthers have shown interest in the kid, and they could use a very good CB, and that is what they get in Gilmore.

10. Bills - USC Chandler Jones Seracuse

Bills have decided that the 3-4 defense was too Hipster for them, so they've decided to go back to a base 4-3 system. As such, they decide to take Chandler Jones who I see as a 4-3 DE. Bills continue to get younger and certainly better on defense. This is probably a pretty big reach at this point, but he is rising very very swiftly and I would not be surprised to see something like this come draft day.

11. Chiefs - DE Michael Brockers - LSU

I like this pick. It might not be THE biggest need for the Chiefs, but they like to pick d-line men, and Michael Brockers is a gifted young man who'll do great things in their system.

12. Seahawks - MLB Luke Kuechly - Boston College

I'll take the easy solution here and give them Kuechly. He is the best MLB in the draft and the Seahawks need one badly. The pick just makes perfect sense.

13. Cardinals - OG David DeCastro - Stanford

The Cardinals first and finest job in this draft is to keep Kolb on his feet. They do so by drafting the awfully talented Decastro who'll sure up either of the guard spots for the future.

14. Cowboys - S Mark Barron - Alabama

The Cowboys need to limit the big plays against them, and a good start is picking up Mark Barron who can play either Safety positions and play them well! The Cowboys may be reaching a little here but I would not be surprised if they did so.

15. Eagles - DT Jerrell Worthy - Michigan State

Eagles need to get better and younger at DT and I do believe they like Worthy better than Poe. They wanted Cox here, but in his abscent they settle with Worthy who'll be a great player for them anyway.

16. Jets - DE Melvin Ingram - South Carolina

The Jets are extremely happy with the fact that Ingram fell this far. Some says his a sure fire top 10 pick, others have in the mid 20s. I don't see how Jets is going to pass on him with their huge need for a passrusher. Ingram is the best in this draft so they could, as I said, not be happier about the pick.

17. Bengals (from Raiders) - WR Michael Floyd - Notre Dame

I really wanted to give them some kind of OL player here, but Floyd is too damn good for them to pass on. They give Dalton another great WR to throw the ball to and decides to address OL later in the draft.

18. Chargers - LB Dont'a Hightower - Alabama

The Chargers need to get better at stopping the run. They also need to get a better MLB and they get both wishes granted by drafting Hightower who can be one of the next great MLBs in the league.

19. Bears - DE Quinton Coples - North Carolina

Good match here. He'll get to learn from one of the absolute best in the business and be one of Bears next great passrushers. I would have said that OL made more sense, but they appear to like their guys pretty well for some reason which I will never understand.

20. Titans - CB Janoris Jenkins - North Alabama

Titans want a CB. They may not be totally sold on Jenkins because of his character issues, but there is no doubt that he is a top 20 talent, so they gamble here and get a great cover corner who'll do well in their system.

21. Bengals - OT Cordy Glenn - Georgia

The Bengals really like Glenn and he fills an immediate need on the O-line. Bengals could have gone after a great passrusher, but they hope that one is available to them in the second round.

22. Browns (from Falcons) - WR Kendall Wright - Baylor

The Browns need weapons for McCoy. As talented as Cribbs is, he cannot do everything by himself, so they Browns pick up Wright who'll be a very good WR for them.

23. Lions - CB Dre Kirkpatrick - Alabama

This pick should come down to a CB or a OL. Personally I'm really fond of Kirkpatrick though, and Lions had great success putting points on the board last year, so they decide to make sure that their opponents will have a harder time scoring against them.

24. Steelers - OT Riley Reiff - Iowa

A very big surprise and probably very unrealistic, however the Reiff hype have died slowly since they combine, whereas players such as Glenn and DeCastro have been having an exciting fuss about them. Realistically, Reiff is a better player than both, but I could see him being one of the surprises who'll wind up falling. The Steelers are very very pleased with it obviously.

25. Broncos - DT Dontari Poe - Memphis

The Broncos pick the best player available for them in Poe. I personally believe that Poe will fall to somewhere around here because of the lack of production on tape. He could, however, also go in the top 15. For now, he is the next Broncos DT.

26. Texans - WR Stephen Hill - Georgia Tech

The Texans reached the play-off last year for the first time ever. They know they can run the ball. They know they have a great defense. They know that if Johnson goes down they cannot move the ball through the air. They pick up Stephen Hill who'll help Johnson on the other side of the ball.

27. Patriots (from Saints) - OLB Whitney Mercilus - Illinois

The Patriots defense is pretty good if they manage to get to the QB. Sadly, only Seymour knows how to. So they pick up Mercilus who arguably fell, but the Patriots don't mind. They are very happy with the pick.

28. Packers - OC Peter Konz - Wisconsin

Peter Konz is small but very sound in his technique. Packers have few needs, but keeping Rodgers alive is one of them. So they pick the best player available who also happen to fill an immediate need.

29. Ravens - OLB Courtney Upshaw - Alabama

Ravens are thankfully so not pleased with how this draft turned out (and didn't even plan for this). They need a couple of positions, but I find that Upshaw makes most sense here. He is a pretty good passrusher, and he projects well for a 3-4 OLB.

30. 49ers - TE Coby Fleener - Stanford

Lets face it. Anthony Davis cannot do everything by himself. Sure, they added Randy Moss and Crabtree does not look to be a bust, but they need weapons on and Fleener is one of those TEs who'll create miss-matches against most teams. Add Davis to that and the Niners suddenly have two very very dangerous weapons who also knows how to block.

31. Patriots - DE Kendall Reyes - Connecticut

Did I mention that Patriots need to get to the QB? If not, allow me to stress it again. THE PATRIOTS NEED TO GET SACKS!!!! They add Kendall Reyes who can both rush the QB himself, but also create room for a young and promising LB corps.

32. Giants - DE Nick Perry - Southern California

If you don't know what to give Giants you can always just throw a DE after them. They have so much talent there already, however some of the players are starting to get old and by picking up Perry they continue to reload an already scary front 7!

That was it. It was actually very fun and I'll probably try to make multiple next year. The most fun was probably trying to copy some of the randomness which the draft always presents, which is also why Steelers got that lucky. I know that it may not be the most realistic draft of all times, but an interesting one at least in my own humble opinion. Anyways, fire away.