Steeldad and I were talking about this on the podcast last night (which by the way will be loaded up tonight). How much longer do you wait to draft a Safety to eventually replace either Clark or Polamalu?

The only real legit Safety, Mark Barron out of Alabama will likely be gone to the Cowboys, if not sooner. I have read some reports that say he could fall depending on how things pan out but likely not to #24. There is some good value picks in the mid rounds like Trumaine Johnson, Montana; Brandon Taylor, LSU. Maybe in round 6 with Aaron Henry from Wisconsin.

Do they really need one yet? They've gotten by with Polamalu and Clark for a long time, and Mundy as the backup. Clark is going into his 10th season now and is still playing at a high level but I wouldn't be totally shocked if Tomlin goes after some additional Safety help mid to late round if they can find good value.