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Thread: NFL Increases roster to 90 players

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    NFL Increases roster to 90 players

    This should help us out since were broke and we can look at more cheap players.

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    Do the additional players count against the cap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    Do the additional players count against the cap?
    No in the offseason there is the rule if 51. Only the top 51 salaries count against the cap.

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    Never hurts to look at more people. Just as long as they don't increase the final roster count, no need to see a bunch of college looking teams standing around.

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    Hopefully this will translate to more competition during camp...One thing Tomlin seemed to have cleaned up has been guys showing up to camp outta shape, Hopefully Dwyer got that message last year. WR battles should fun to watch this year too. I wonder if the roster cut down dates will be the same.

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