they really really like adams, they may not take him in the first but he is a smart guy and the steelers like what he brings to the telling you weed isnt a deal breaker anymore, if the league took the hard road on weed they would have had to shut it down or only let amateurs play. plenty of the league smokes, it might be concerning him getting tested positive before the combine but really how much do we know? theyve had several one on one meetings and work outs with him, its not going to be THAT big of a deal....especially if hes in the second round. they might have run out of patience with holmes, but it wasnt just the wake and bake tweets...its that hes a dick and a ****** team mate (i still miss him) but they got a return on investment with him and his few years here. idk why people think the steelers will only employ choir boys, its not like that