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Thread: Patsies in '07

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    Addicted travel the 4 hours to watch the Steelers beat the Pats?

    I'm trying to get some guys together now who would want to go down to the game. Hopefully not too many Pats

    I'd be happy to beat the Pats anytime. Beating them twice in a season would be even sweeter!

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    I just want to see gillette stadium filled with a sea of gold. And have that be all the more sweeter because we end up crushing them. Knocking them out of the playoffs would be wonderful, but beating them twice in a season would be even better. That way the ridiculous "Belichick lets teams beat him in the regular season so that he can beat them in the playoffs" nonsense will be proven ridiculously wrong. (like the Colts did this year!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    To hell with the Pats. I just want to beat the Ravens and destroy them. Lets take back the AFC North then worry about the Pats. But beating them in New England next year would be sweet.

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    Bringing the pain to beating them in their house would be sweet, and doing it in the playoffs would be even sweeter. The Steelers have already proven they are road warriors. They get more psyched up to play and prove their strength when in another team's stadium. The fact that the Steeler Nation is everywhere and helps take over stadiums helps with the motivation factor. I'd love to see the Steel Curtain swallow Brady alive with sacks and picks (Polomalu+Smith in '07). I'd love to see our offense make fools of the Pats with our running game running over Bruschi and the rest as well as our air attack with Ward, Holmes, Washington, Miller eat right through their secondary.


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