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Thread: New Steelers Throwback uniforms unveiled on April 17th - Pics included

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    Antonio Brown taking the politically correct approach..

    WR Antonio Brown told that Pittsburgh's new throwback uniforms make a fashion statement. “It's something special that the 1934 team wore it,” Brown said of the second all-time edition of Steelers teams. “You have to appreciate the value of what a Steelers uniform means. It's not about the look; it's all about the tradition and the history behind it.”

    From our friend Chuck Finder at CBS Sports

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    I'm liking Antonio more and more.

    Tailgating in the 'burgh

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Interesting point, why did they shoot Isaac Redman rockin the new uni's in the bathroom?

    OH NO where is Ben?
    "Without ME, it's just AWESO"
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    Sorry peoples…I like 'em. Maybe it's the graphic designer in me, but lovin' the boldness of the stripes and industrial look of the block letters in the outlined rectangles. Yeah I'm one of the very few, but I'll be lookin' forward to game day when they don these "duds". No pun intended.

    Remember gang, "throwbacks", these probably rocked in the day and tastes change from era to era.

    80 years from now when they'll be wearing carbon fiber uni's that illuminate and change graphics during the game they'll be look back on the current uni's and say "Seriously?!

    Black and yellow, only the best color combo there is!

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