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Thread: He's on the Steeler's radar!

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    He's on the Steeler's radar!

    Nice read for a future prospect!

    Miles Wade, NT, Portland St.--6'1" 311lbs. Check out the below quote...he's on the Steeler's radar.

    "Wade’s combine invite was not to Indianapolis, it is to this weekend’s NFL Super Regional Combine held in Detroit. He hopes to build off the momentum of his pro day, where he impressed scouts with his 35.5" vertical, 42 reps of 225 lbs, 9’1" broad jump and an impressive 4.99 40-yard dash for a guy who is 6’1 and 311 lbs.

    He has had conversations with New England, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, New Orleans and Buffalo. Wade is picking up steam with the 2012 NFL Draft right around the corner.

    "Plenty of teams are in the market for a guy who can plug the hole and allow their linebackers to flow to the ball. One team that immediately comes to mind is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have to start looking for a long-term replacement for Casey Hampton, who is rumored to be entering his 12th NFL season on the Physically Unable to Perform list.

    "My favorite team when I was growing up was the Pittsburgh Steelers," Wade said. "I always wanted to be Jerome Bettis."

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    Very interesting!


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    always wanted to be #36.... hey it worked for the 85 Bears��
    I like big hits and I cannot lie

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    Finally! We got a RB!.....

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    We should give this guy a shot

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    We have options and I'm glad.

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    Have to see him play but he certainly sounds like a guy we'd have an interest in.

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