Been hearing some rumblings recently, and it seems to be catching a bit of steam, that the Steelers could consider linebacker in the first round...outside linebacker that is.

Hightower still seems to be everyone's popular choice for the Steelers, and I certainly can't argue that. Nice Perry out of USC is a first rounder projected to go mid to late first round. Many feel the Packers are targeting in but is there a chance the Steelers might be looking this way too? You never know. After the complete lack of pass rush while Woodley was out and Harrison missed a month's worth of games, depth here wouldn't be the most outlandish idea I've come across.

Plus they met with him yesterday at their facility.

What if they feel Foote is the stop gap they need for the time being and that Sylvester is ready to take the next step. If that were to be the case you could see where a guy like Perry could fit in nicely.

Just something to chew on...