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Thread: NFL expanding it's drug testing policy

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    NFL expanding it's drug testing policy

    Just heard this morning on the Radio that the NFL is increasing the number of players tested every week and also adding a new drug/substance to it's list of banned substances as well.

    I don't have an article on it yet so if anybody finds one, please post it up.

    The NFL while it's far from perfect, has been taking a proactive stance against the players using performance enhancing products for decades now, and the positive trend continues.

    You think the Bengals players will listen? Obviously the MLB doesn't

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    This is actually a smart move by the NFL because right now they only test during training camp and the players no when the test is coming so they can "prepare" for it! I think adding some more common drugs to the list will also decrease the number of arrests that occur around the NFL and should hopefully help out the Bengals!

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    Yeah right, the Bengals listen to anything...they think they are above all.

    sig made by K Train....Thank you!

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