Was reading through another thread here on the site and came across this part of an article that talked about the Bengals possibly being interested in DeCastro. An ornery, mauling offensive guard, he is an ideal fit in the Bengals man-power blocking scheme.

It got me thinking how back in the Cowher years, the Steelers line was known as a bone crushing, power blocking, hat on a hat, bust you in the mouth offensive line. Granted they had Jerome Bettis to block for and an offense that featured the run, but still, it was an offensive line to be feared most of the time. They could trap block or do whatever was needed to get the job done.

Then you fast forward to the modern day Steelers line and you wonder where it went wrong. The lack of attention to drafting quality players was a big reason. Finally Tomlin and Colbert started addressing this unit with Maurkice Pouncey and Marcus Gilbert recently, but the work is far from done. Power run game or not I long for the days of an offensive line that was the envy of the league. Not the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest but always one of the toughest.