1. Donta Hightower ILB from Alabama 6 Foot 4 260 LBs - This pick is just starting to make too much sense to me. A high need pick (Farrior is gone) and not much after him. The Steelers go ILB, Round 1 If not Hightower is not:

Possible Kevin Zeiter (see below)

2. Kevin Zeitler OG - Wisconsin, OK we shore up the OL and get our guard from Wisconsin. Not Konz, but Zeitler not far behind in talent. Works on the second best line in college football, and is tied for their best prospect with center Konz.

3. Derek Wolfe - DE - Cincy - 6'5" - 302lbsNeed to develop some depth on the DLine behind Ziggy and Heyward. Need to develop a rotation to keep guys fresh and going after the QB. Might be one of the best 3-4 DEs in the draft.

Possible - Josh Chapman - NT - Alabama - The next Casey Hampton. This kid is built to clog the middle of our defense. And I think we could get really lucky if he's available in round 3 due to his knee injury. Something about this kid makes me think he's got Steeler written all over him. Has a guy ever played through an ACL tear like this? Tells me he has a special drive to be great. Also noticed that he sat out one game due to his injury last season and Alabama gave up 300+ yards rushing to Georgia Southern. Makes me wonder if Josh made Alabama's defense and some of his teammates were a little overrated.

4. Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State - 6'3" - 248lbs
McClellin improved his draft stock with a quality season. He recorded 46 tackles with six sacks, 12.5 tackles for a loss and a blocked kick. Aside from playing as a traditional defensive end, McClellin has lined up as both a stand-up rush linebacker and an inside linebacker. Love this kid's motor (next Aaron Smith)?

Possible - Brandon Brooks - OG - Miami OH - We need to improve our line. Brooks looks to have some potential to dominate. He's huge with decent athleticism. The Steelers have had him in for a visit and I have a suspicion this is the G they're targeting. He has some positional flexibility which the Steelers seem to like.

5. Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT, Baylor; Comes out of nowhere and finds himself somewhere on every team's draft board; We get him in the middle of the draft;

6. Tommy Streeter - WR - Miami - The big, athletic WR that Big Ben's been wanting since Plax left. This kid is a bit of a freak but raw. He's boom or bust talent that could be worth taking a flyer.

7A. Patrick Witt - QB - Yale - The kid's as good a QB prospect as any of the QBs outside of the top QBs. He's smart, got good size, and a decent arm. Could be a good eventual backup for us.

7B. Donald Stephenson - OT/OG - Oklahoma - Big athletic kid with positional flexibility.

7C. Neiko Thorpe - FS - Auburn - Good athlete with good size and production in the SEC. A guy I think Carnell could work with.