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Thread: JollyRobs mock draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrunn View Post
    we don't have any TE like Fleener , the guy is 6'6 ran a 4.4-4.5 and has great hands and maybe one of the best rout runners this year along with being able to block decent ... that's what you call a match up nightmare ... i love miller but he is not a match up nightmare and saunders really come on now ... if Fleener was a WR with them work outs and the production he has he'd be a top 15 pick ... (More like top 5!!!)

    has nothing to do with New england .. it has to do with getting Ben a mismatch nightmare that will help out the offense more then hightower will help the D
    like i said the D was still a top lvl D last year with multiple players being injured ... no matter how bad you think there back ups were or are they were a top rank D ... DON'T THINK I CAN SAY THE SAME FOR THE OFFENSE...ranked 12th in total offense and 1st in total D...this ground and pound doesn't work any more why can't ppl realize the NFL is changing and you need to change with it ... or be left behind ... the sky's the limit with fleener on the offense, with hightower on the D what were still the #1 ranked D ... hmmm And we just lost how many people from that defense?

    also i agree you need lineman but your going to take one in the second ... there nobody will be left for the first pick .... and i think with more maybe quick passes ben will get sacked less, adding a weapon like fleener opens up the offense for quicker passes or deeper passes the sky's the limit with a weapon like that on this offense ... the oline isn't as bad a ppl make it out to be ... yes it's bad but it's not flat out horrible , ben creates some of these sacks on his own trying to hold for the big play ...
    Not necessarily! That's if none are available... and YES the O-line is bad, 3/5s BAD... 1 good - 1 ok - nothing else special
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    none of them WR and TE you mention can do what Fleener does on the offense ... none of them are that big guy ben been asking for for years ... none of them can create that mismatch on the inside that fleener can...give him that guy...

    after next year I'm not sure you have enough money to even sign wallace and brown ... cotch is a shell of himself and getting up there in age, yes he's a solid inside receiver still but he's not getting any better only worst...miller is on the decline, yes i love miller but he's not getting any younger either and just doesn't create them mismatches ... with fleener you give yourself the luxary yes but a luxary that i believe is necessarily needed to keep the offense keeping up ... and it's not like he's a strictly TE he can double as a WR slot, main , and he can still block good enough to line up at TE and run the ball behind ... not to mention in the red zone we have nobody that can go up and get the ball ... wala with fleener that changes ...

    they've been preparing for this defense of turnover for the last years ... go get that next player on Offense that puts you over the top is what I'm saying...and miller is getting up there in age

    it sucks but that decade of players is coming to a end and i know it's hard to deal with... but just cause the names change don't mean the production will seen with last year when harrison and woodly were injured and farrior on a down year ... now they didn't make as many splash plays but they were still a great D ...
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    Glenn in first, Brooks in second. The O-Line just became top 5/10 in the league. THAT will create huge mismatches!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tburg68 View Post
    Glenn in first, Brooks in second. The O-Line just became top 5/10 in the league. THAT will create huge mismatches!
    noway glenn drops to us i don't think, and i don't think brooks is a day 1 starter

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    Quote Originally Posted by tburg68 View Post
    Glenn in first, Brooks in second. The O-Line just became top 5/10 in the league. THAT will create huge mismatches!
    If they get Glenn in the first they'd take another lineman in the 3rd or 4th. However Glenn & Brooks would be Sweet and Glenn & Zeitler OUTSTANDING.

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