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Thread: Barron Batch looking healthy

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    I actually think it will be a waste if the Steelers pick a RB in the mid rounds or lower. The 3 rounds and maybe rd 4 will cover needs more important then RB or at least they should be. So if that happens then why draft another lower round RB when they already have Dwyer, Clay and Batch, just to get another Dwyer, Clay or Batch? With Mendelhall's season in question I understand the need for more depth at the postition. Signing a cheap FA I think would be the better way to go. A low round draft pick will get little if any playing time, so if depth is what they are worried about till Mandy comes back at least get a cheap vet in who you have an NFL track record instead of another maybe.
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    Dwyers needs to take over the top spot, this team needs a good break.. Him and Al Woods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Batch looks a little Ray Rice-ish...
    I said the exact same thing.

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