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Thread: What will the Steelers do with Max Starks now?

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    The problem is that Starks is entering his 9th season so he has earned the right to start if they sign him it will be his last contract so i doubt he will take a pay cut he won't come back for veterans minimum..Which is fine .but i hope Gilbert is ready to play Left Tackle in the big league.Personally i think we would be better off Drafting Konz and moving POUNCEY TO Guard then it would be Gilbert-Legursky-Konz-Pouncey-Colon that's a pretty killer o-line.

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    Sign the sob and that line last year before Stark came back look like a Kraft dinner without the cheese.

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    If he's healthy in makes sense to bring him back. At worst it gives us a decent backup at a reasonable price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutsteel View Post
    The problem is that Starks is entering his 9th season so he has earned the right to start if they sign him
    Just because it's his 9th season doesn't mean he's earned the right to anything. He'll start if he's the best guy for the job, not because he's been around the longest.

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    OT Max Starks could conceivably return to the Steelers, GM Kevin Colbert said. "That is still a possibility. We have to monitor it because it is unique to his [ACL] injury situation," Colbert told Same for a healthy RB Mewelde Moore, he added. "We haven't done much in free agency, nor do we plan on it at this point, but that can change" by the season, Colbert said.

    From our friend Chuck Finder at CBS Sportsline

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    So many factors playing in right now. How is his health? How will the cap situation look like come TC? What kind of money will he demand? How will the draft pan out? I don't see any harm in bringing him back, although I would very much like Gilbert to take over that LT spot sooner rather than later.
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