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Thread: Gay Visiting Titans Tuesday

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes43 View Post
    Haven't the last two years for him been on a one-year contract each?
    He was restricted one year and the lockout rules prevented him from being UFA after lockout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Via his twitter:

    @williamgay22: Done with all the visits now its time to decide where I'm going to play next year
    @williamgay22: Pitt,Denver,Arizona, and Tennessee..Great places to play for but I can only chose one!!!! Blessing from GOD sure he will show me da way
    Since baby Jesus went to NY, I guess it won't be Denver.

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    There's just no reason to waste the cap space bringing him back. Let Lewis, Brown, and Allen battle it out. You'll never find out if these guys can play if you keep hanging onto veterans all the time.

    From BRC's DROID X of Awesomeness

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    i say pack him and minidiva wallace up and send them away for a #2 pick. #3 if you want to add some spite to the deal. i cant STAND a diva football player and gay has been on my bad side for too many years for one OK season to make up for it.

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