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Thread: No surprise, the Steelers don't expect Mendenhall to fully recover until 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    It was beyond being a good sportsman... Take his stove pipe out of your mouth for a second and realize the truth! He wasn't in the shape to start last season, let's hope he's ready this year!

    Denver was the same for ALL the players on the field, he was just so out of shape it effected him worse!
    yeah sure whatever you say pal

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    I'm not trying to be an ******* but I didn't like how winded he seemed. I was one of those screaming at the TV to put him in when Mendy was spinning all around losing yards so I like Red he just needs to train like a MF'r and take this starting spot...

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    Dwyer better show up in shape this year, hopefully that disaster in training camp was a tough lesson learned. If he pulls that again he'll be missing out on a prime opportunity to be the primary backup to Redman.

    Like K train said in another thread though, we have the slowest group of running backs every right now so an infusion of speed from somewhere would be ideal.

    As far as Mendenhall goes, I swear if Tomlin yanks Redman in favor of Mendenhall I'll probably blow a gasket. There should be no reason to put him in the game when he's playable again, if Redman is doing well, other than for spot duty.

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    When you aren't used to starting and then suddenly you're in the starting role, taking all the pounding, it'll take it out of you. He'll be working his tale off his offseason and he'll be the man going into 2012. I fully expect him to be ready to go and take the lions share of the carriers without a problem.

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    A first round pick spent on Mendenhall and then after a blown out knee he might not even see his 2nd contract. Knowing the Steelers though they'll still keep him around; it's their MO with veterans.

    Even though Tomlin says he expects Mendenhall to play next season, I just hope they don't stick him in just for the sake of doing it. Taking a good performer off the field for a veteran coming off an injury is something I just never agreed with.

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    If this new IR rule gets approved this year, that should keep mendy alive for the year. A few games would be good for him to play, then trade him to a team who loses a good RB thats in playoff contention and get a good pick for him

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    All this talk about Redman vs Mendy is great ....but we don't run the ball like we used to. Lets see what those star receivers can do ..
    I haven't seen much of Redman...he needs to play more if we run the ball?

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    The mandate came down from Rooney to run the ball the way we used to. Haley will do just that because Haley knows that we this isn't an indecisive front office like he's been dealing with. Running the ball more is what we are going to do and Dwyer has been here long enough to know what is expected of him and what his role will be this year. He's the lead running back.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Losing Mendenhall is not really a huge loss to this team. From what I could see he was more of a hindrance. He never really played up to his potential and I fully believe Ray Lewis hit during his rookie season changed him for the worse.

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