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Thread: 1st post/1st attempt w/wallace pick

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    1st post/1st attempt w/wallace pick

    these are just some players i was researching and think they would be good fit...just wondering some others opinions... I'm no expert and don't pay attention to much to college football...i used a lot of mock drafts to kind of find players values ...but anyway here we go ... and i don't think CB is as big as a need as others think ... with curtis brown and cortez allen from last year

    24th ... cordy glenn, mike adams, hightower ... I'd go OL first any of them two that are left but some mocks i seen have them both gone, then take hightower
    31st (new England from wallace) ... ronell lewis (olb from OK) ... next James harrison??
    2nd round ... Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa Stat ...need help no doubt
    3rd round ... nigel bradham, FSU , LB ... athletic freak and fills need ...if take hightower in first then take best OL Brandon Brooks, G, Miami of Ohio
    4th round ... Akiem Hicks, NT, Canada ... some ppl say he's to tall to play NT so then move Hood to NT and let him play DE
    5th round ... Phillip Thomas, S, Syracuse ... I'm a syracuse fan and the games i watched he is in a lot of a plays ...not really sure his draft stock ...but with one of these last picks i say he's worth a shot ...

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    let's try again ... the same thing happens with wallace ...

    24th ... mike adams OT OSU
    31st ... TRADE ... Dallas loves ronell so with them knowing we will take him we strike a deal to get a extra second and 3rd... or the Jets could be interested with the same deal
    2nd round(from dallas or jets trade) ... Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa Stat
    2nd round ... Dwight Bentley, CB, Louisiana-Lafayette
    3rd round ( from dallas or jets trade) ... Brandon Brooks, G, Miami of Ohio
    3rd round .... Josh Chapman, NT, Alabama
    4th round ... Nigel Bradham, LB, Florida State
    5th round ... Omar Bolden, CB, Arizona State

    maybe package some kind of picks next year for another 4th round pick for Akiem Hicks, NT, Canada ... i think he'll be a beast in a couple of years

    also could get brandon washington in the second and brooks in the 3rd but that would give us 4 OL with the first 4 picks ... i don't think CB is as big as a need but with the extra picks give us some luxury...and with that take what could be the next ike taylor in bently

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    Don't think it will happen but right now we are looking mre at Denvers pick than the Patriots!

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