Hi, my name is John and I'm a Steeler addict. I've been lurking around for several weeks getting a feel for the place before posting an intro.

I'm a cradle Steeler fan, born and raised in Meadville, PA. Growing up in the early '70's, Football Sundays were spent watching the Steelers on TV with my Dad. Finally got to go to Steelers games starting in the early '90's. The best one I was ever at was when I got my father to go with us. He really took to tailgating. We set up in the lot across from The Clark Bar and got ready for the game. At one point Dad disappeared for a while. He reappeared about 20 minutes later with a brat sandwich in one hand and a beer in the other. We had none of those sandwiches or that brand of beer with us. I asked where he got them from. He said the group of people he was talking to gave them to him. During the game I went into one of the gift shops and bought him a license plate for his car. It's the one with the white background and the Steelers helmet on it. Mom said he talked about going to that game for years afterward. He never agreed to go to another one, though. He said he preferred watching on TV. I think he enjoyed the tailgating more that the game. His car had that plate on it till the day he died. It's now hanging on my office wall.

I live in Erie now. There's a fair amount of Brownie and Bills fans up here, along with us True Believers. Very happy to be here.