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    The Ravens held there LT McKinnie out of mandatory mini-camp due to conditioning issues McKinnie is unhappy and feels that his roster spot is in jeapardy . I hope they think that Osomele can play LT that means flacco will be dead by week 3. Why would you give a player aroster bonus then tell him he too fat for training camp?

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    Even after a Pro Bowl season, debate over Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton's arm strength, or lack thereof, has persisted this offseason. Dalton demonstrated the ability to air it out during the team's recent OTAs and minicamp, and his teammates have come to the defense of the "Red Rifle."

    Dalton's coaches have never been concerned about his arm strength, but according to a Saturday report from The Sports Xchange, Dalton completed less than 40 percent of pass attempts outside the numbers last season with more interceptions (five) than touchdowns (four). To correct that, Bengals coaches are working on improving Dalton's technique and footwork this offseason.

    One area the second-year quarterback has already shown improvement, however, is as a leader.

    "I think I've done a better job this spring," said Dalton of taking charge of the offense. "If a guy runs a route a little differently, instead of letting a coach do it, I'm going to go over there and talk to him. Last year I was trying to get the next play or trying to do things like that and let the coach handle it (other issues). Right now, I feel like I can go over there and say something, because getting the next play is second nature."

    We'll have to wait until September to see whether or not Dalton improves on those throws outside the numbers, but he'll have more credibility as a leader if he isn't skipping balls to his targets.

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    The best thing they can do for Dalton is to get that O-line as strong as possible and get that running game going. If the Bengals think their going to come out and start winging the ball all over the place then they are sadly mistaken because Dalton doesn't seen like that type of QB to me.
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    I think its still too early to judge him. He might not be the most gifted QB out there, but he seems to want it more than most rookie QBs and often that will compensate for lack of talent. Jury is still out though. For the Bengals though, I really hope they don't jump to conclusions if Dalton has a worse year than that of his rookie year; you see it so often -- those young QBs have a great rookie season only to slow down a little in their second year.
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    Browns are Strange...

    Josh Cribbs got paid big bucks by the Cleveland Browns because of his special teams play. Despite career highs in receptions and receiving yards in 2011, look for Cribbs to focus on his returns again in 2012.

    Terry Pluto of The Plain Dealer recently passed along word that the Browns hope for Josh Cooper or Jordan Norwood can fill the third receiver spot behind Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi.

    That would leave Cribbs in a No. 4 role, getting occasional snaps as a receiver and runner. The Browns want Cribbs to see "heavy duty" time on special teams.

    This might not please Cribbs, but it makes sense for the Browns. Both Cribbs and Devin Hester in Chicago have tried to prove they are every-down receivers to middling results. The Bears are still working on their "Hester Package", but the Cribbs package should simply be on returns.

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    i dont think cribbs or hester are good receivers to rely on, but as a 3/4 they are a nightmare mismatch. Bears for instance have Ashlon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall now, hester becomes a scary slot WR. Greg little is a special player, if he can take control of that #1 spot the browns offense could be pretty decent

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