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Thread: K Train's Steeler Mock 1.0

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    When he was healthy I think he was above average but now the last 2 years having been on IR who knows what his skill set is against top competition now.

    Taking 2 Guards in this draft would make me extremely happy.

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    imo colon looked the best ive ever seen him in limited action last season, and this injury is a major rehab like the other one was....he should be good to go

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    The big problem Burfict has is during his interview teams asked him about the drop in production and he blamed everyone but him self he muther ****ed his coach and didn't take responsibility for his part in the fight in the locker roomand he got upset with a few teams and was heard shouting during the interview.he also is the self proclaimed best linebacker in the draft

    i think we will take 2 guards just not in the first 2 rds maybe the 2nd rd

    i gotta say i love me some Brandon Brooks
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    we put up with james harrison, dumb as hell and overly violent. i cant see them removing taze completely for being dumb, theres some untapped potential there, he needs to go somewhere and stay motivated though.

    christ someone needs to tell these guys to humble up for interviews rather than get defensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    1) Donta Hightower MLB Alabama
    I think if Higtower is there at 24, he will be the pick. MLB is a need, but in this case it is also a luxury pick. Hightower has had his stock up and down over the last few years, looking like a first rounder early and then a mid rounder after his injury when he didnt really play that well and looked sluggish off the snap. Since then however he has been a force in the middle of the Alabama defense. Running a 4.6 at the combine has me sold on any speed question marks he once had. At 6-4 260 that speed is ridiculous. He is a perfect compliment to timmons in the middle and will start early in his career. Has the size to take on blockers, he has the blitzing ability to get to the QB both through the middle and off the ede at OLB so if harrison and woodley both are hurt we wont be crippled at OLB, and he has the size and strength to play DE on passing downs and just get after the QB. Very versatile, but will be a key in the middle of the defense for us, ive compared him to Adalius Thomas in that he can line up anywhere on the defense pretty much. imo hes a better prospect than Rolando mcclain in every way

    Other possible picks:
    Cordy Glenn- Big, mauling guard. A rare athlete at the position, instant upgrade at either guard spot
    Mike Adams- 19 reps isnt a problem imo, these 6-8 guys usually do about that much, starks did 21. Great athlete and would be a great duo at tackle with Gilbert.
    Dontari Poe- If hes there
    Peter Konz- Upgrade at guard or an EXTREME upgrade at guard if they move pouncey and put Konz at center

    2) Brandon Brooks OG Miami (OH)
    Heres a guy that has quickly risen up my board, hard to judge someone playing at Miami Ohio that didnt get a combine invite, but heres a little info on Brooks pro day:

    I think the bold is a positive thing much more than it is a negative thing. He kind of reminds me of Heath Benedict, a prospect who passed away a few years ago that the steelers were very interested in coming in and replacing Alan Faneca. Big violent guard that showed a great punch and nimble feet. I have him as a 3rd round prospect at the moment, but the steelers take him near the tail end of round 2 after missing out on Decastro, Konz, Glenn, B. Washington, K Osemele, and maybe Kevin Zeitler. But Brooks is a great consolation prize to missing out on the top guards in a pretty good guard class.

    Other Possible picks: Brandon Washington, K. Osemele, Kevin Zeitler, Stephen Gilmore, Alfonzo Dennard, Chase Minnifield, Alemeda Taamu, Jared Crick

    3) Josh Chapman NT Alabama
    Heres a guy that fought through injuries to play on arguably one of the greatest collegiate defenses ever, and he played a position that got no glory while opening up things for guys like Hightower, Upshaw, and Kirkpatrick to be first round picks. He wont be able to work out til this summer but he had a good showing on the bench (like 33 reps i believe) and he looks te part of a NT that we look for. We dont need a NT to run a 40 to draft him in the 3rd round, his tape speaks for itself

    Other possible picks: Brandon Boykin, Doug Martin, Vontaze Bufict, D. Posey, Chris Polk

    4) Isaiah Pead RB Cincinatti
    RB probably needs to be addressed with Mendenhall starting out on the PUP list and his status being unclear. Dwyer, Clay and Redman are not guys i am comfortable with as RBs to start the year with and who the hell knows what they have planned for Baron Batch. My guess is Batch wins the 3rd down back role, but doesnt do much more than that. The steelers have shown a lot of interest in Pead and he had good workout numbers, definitely good enough to warrant a 4th rounder.

    5) Chad Deihl FB Clemson
    Massive 6-2 265 pound FB, no arians leaves a windo open for the steelers to use a real FB again. This man has head hunter potential. Hes got good acceleration, a mean punch, and never misses his assignments. Watch some stuff on him, hes a crushing lead blocker. Not sure what the steelers actual intentions are to use a FB in the next year, but if they go back to a mosre traditional FB running scheme, Diehl is a hell of a jumping off point.

    6) Ron Brooks CB LSU
    Never started at LSU but was impressive in drills and ran in the 4.3s, its hard to find a starting spot when you are playing behind 2 top 6 picks in Peterson and Claiborne, and a Heisman Hopeful in Tyrann Mathieu, but hes athletic and can cover and be a beast on ST.

    7) Blair Walsh Kicker Georgia
    Best kicker in the draft, bring him in to compete, it is about time to make moves on a kicker that can be reliable.
    Nice solid mock....I really don't like addressing defense early in the draft since the NFL is such an offense driven league now (especially the passing game) but its hard to argue against Hightower especially if he is BAP...........I would be happy with this draft if it happened...I really like what I have been hearing and reading about Brooks......

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    Most professional athletes have social issues and/or god complexes. I really don't care what any of them do off the field, as long as they don't get caught. I have no delusions about their personal charactor, and therefore don't care. Win my team some ball games, period!

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    Nice draft K Train. I wouldn't mind that at all.
    As for Burfict, his interview doesnt bother me as much as his workout at the combine. I mean he just looked awful. And his 5.09 40 is just pitiful. It's one thing to look dumb in the interview as long as your on the field play backs you up. That didnt happen this year. And it certainly didnt happen at the combine. Until I watched him at the combine I liked him alot. Now not really sure I'd even draft him. If the Steelers dont get to draft Hightower, I'd rather take a guy later like JM Johnson.
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    What do you think about Delvin Johnson NT Marshall? He could be a 5th round pick and could be NT & 5tech.

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    I like these selections better than the mock where we took a Nose in second and OL in 3rd. I think the top 3 address immediate needs. I hope a QB or two rise and leave us with a better position player to choose from. I think I would get real excited for this draft if Wallace gets signed somewhere. I like him but I think the extra first could open a lot of ridiculous possibilities for this draft.

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