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Thread: Steelers & AFC North 2012 opponents

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    Looks like a tough schedule with some good defenses. If the O-Line doesn't get fixed we might on the outside looking in next year.

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    Look at this year. we lost to the top 5 defenses this year.

    So if they havea huge scoring offense or a super strong defense we will have a tough go at that game.

    browns get 3 of the top 37 picks this year. if they ramp up the defense it could get tough with them. bengals will get better. ravens obviously will be tough. titans got tougher, broncos have a defense...

    we have Bruce... it could go either way.

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    I think the STEELERS are going to go 14-2
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    Everybody says the Bengals are going to be so much better this year. We'll see...yeah they made the post season but now you're playing a tougher schedule and people are expecting something out of you. I'm not convinced they are the second coming by any means yet.

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