Ron Brace is a seldom used DL for the New England PAtriots. Ron Brace played DT in College next to BJ Raji. SOme people back then though Brace would have just as good of a pro career as Raji. As of today that has not happened. New England has groomed him to play in there system and I don't like how he fits in that scheme. However, I feel he would be a great addition to our rotating DL. He would also allow us not to focus on grabbing a NT in the first round and we could take the chance of Drafting Josh Chapman in the 3rd round as he recovers from his ACL surgery or taking MIke MArtin in the second round.
What do you guys think?
Here in New England the local media doesn't like Jerod Mayo the think he's over hyped. Would you give up a second rounder for Him? Would you workout a trade with Bill B for MAyo,Brace & a early second for Mike Wallace?