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Wallace would get that type of money maybe not so much in the first 3 years. I always felt Wallace was a 6mil/yr receiver not an 8mil/yr. I'm thinking Chicago will sign him but the experts keep saying lookout for a wr needy team like Jacksonville or Tampa. I'll take either of those first rounders. Some suggest The rams might trade there #2 pick to a mid team and then sign Wallace.
If I was the Rams I'd go after Philly and get Deshawn & Asante Plus Philly's 1 & 2.
The Rams trade would have to be before the draft as RFA's getting signed by other teams has to be done before the draft. Also, just read that in the old CBA, it was the earlier pick of the round not the later one or the teams original pick. If that is true and New England went after Wallace, we would get their first pick in the first round, not their 31st pick, if that is true in this CBA as well.